Have you recently seen a photographer using a large camera with bellows, and a black cloth over his head? Do you think they only exist in old movies? You might soon be surprised! Join photographer Stefan Rose for an insightful look beneath the dark cloth. Find out why large cameras that use sheets of film (up to 8 inches x 20 inches in size) are still relevant in the digital age.

As 2010 City of Kitchener Artist In Residence, Rose explores the effects of landscape and geography on people’s community-building experiences, using photography and poetry. The year-long program, titled Grand River: Grand Conversations, has been showcased in a number of locations, including the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall, and inside Grand River Transit buses, along with the publication of an exhibition catalogue in December 2010.

“The project visually investigates the Grand River and its tributaries, and the place they occupy within the geography and the imaginations of the residents of Kitchener and area,” said Rose. Throughout the Artist In Residence program, Rose engages in conversation with residents about their experiences with the river. “I’m interested in hearing from Kitchener residents why the Grand River is significant to them; e-mail can be sent to GrandConversations@live.ca.”

Stefan A. Rose, a Waterloo, Ontario artist, is interested in creative and documentary forms using photography, videography, and poetry. He uses a large-format 1927 Korona 8×20″ panoramic banquet camera, among others, for his creative work. He has exhibited his photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has collaborated with other artists across many media, including several video works commissioned by the Penderecki String Quartet to accompany their performances across Canada and internationally.

You can see more of Stefan’s other projects at the following links:
Death By Chocolate (2008)

Townsend Retraced (2004)
Stefan’s personal site


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